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Axlaw | Avocats Rouen | Avocats droit des affaires Rouen

Avocats Rouen | Axlaw Rouen et Paris | Droit du travail Rouen

Meilleur avocat Rouen

Avocat rouen droit du travail | Avocat droit des affaires Rouen

AXLAW is a law firm located in Paris and Rouen with a strong international culture. Managed by Stéphane Sélégny, AXLAW is resolutely oriented towards Companies, whatever their size and nationality, even if it has a few individual clients.

The firm has been one the French elements of HFW (Holman Fenwick Willan), a transnational group of lawyers with which it still maintains a close partnership.

The firm's lawyers (registered at the Bar of Rouen) are active throughout France, mainly in the following areas: Labour Law, Commercial Law, Business Criminal Law and Insolvency Proceedings.

AXLAW has extensive experience in various sectors including industry, mass retailing, logistics, social security, construction, port handling, IT services, corporate services, real estate and banks.

Guided by its commitment to quality and performance, the firm guarantees a tailor-made legal expertise, precisely adjusted to the expectations and constraints of its clientele.


​The working relationship is personalized and the management of the files is carried out in close collaboration. For each of its clients, AXLAW strives to have perfect knowledge of their  activities, corporate culture and regulations.


Supporting your development and defending your interests are the two pillars on which all our services are based.


At all times, we commit the excellence of our team to the progress of your business activities.

Stephane SELEGNY meilleur avocat Rouen
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