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AXLAW places Enterprise at the heart of its legal advice and litigation activities. Our clients are mainly executives we counsel on governance and administration, management and operations of their business. Our team has skills and experience to solve problems companies - of all sizes and nationalities - may face. Our legal services are adapted to the reality of each company. They include in particular:


  • Drafting, Revision and Registration of Corporate Documents (Articles of Association, Shareholders' Agreements, Transfers of Shares, etc.);

  • Legal Secretariat (Convocations, Minutes of General Meetings, Registers, etc.);

  • Strategic Management (Development, Mergers, Acquisitions, Restructurings, Transformations);

  • Human Resources Management (Contracts and Working Conditions, Redundancies, Backup Plans, etc.);

  • Compliance (Administrative, Social and Environmental);

  • Commercial Relations (Subsidiaries, Branches, Franchises, Joint Ventures, Partnerships);

  • Antitrust Practices;

  • Communication;

  • Data Protection and Business Secrecy;

  • Protection of Intellectual Property;

  • Social Governance.

We have similar experience in the field of association (modification and revision of the articles of association, mergers, legal secretariat, etc.).